LDS Utah

today i had someone flat out tell me that i am not worthy for the temple because i said.........ready for it.......

yeah. call the police and send me off to LDS jail. forgive me if i think this person went a little too far? saying dou....THAT word does not make me less qualified to go the the temple or to have the blessings it gives me. sure, that is probably not the best word to say. but it doesn't make me a sinner or a bad person.

sometimes living in Utah is a curse. the people here are over judgmental and rude when it comes to "Mormonism" i feel like most of the mormon population here are "Sunday Mormons" as in, i will come to church and be very spiritual here but when it comes to outside of this 3 hour period, i can do whatever i want. OOOOOHHHHH but when it comes to anything mormon, i am qualified to make snap judgements and comments.

being Mormon, or LDS, is awesome. i love it. but the Utah people (mostly) seem to be the ones to tell everyone what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and if they do it wrong that they are going to H-E Double Hockey Sticks. it doesn't make the religion wrong, it just makes the people look bad.

before you disqualify me for entrance into the temple, take a step back and realize what you are saying. you might find that you are being a....DOUCHE.


nina c. said...

HAHAHA. I love this. Thank you mardi.

Melia Clegg said...

hahahaha. i agree with everything you say. i usually cant talk about this without getting pretty heated. you handled it well!

sydnee said...

straight up fact.
swearing doesn't make you unworthy.
not that you should swear.

but nobody should ever tell you that you're unworthy for the temple.
it's just rude and unchristlike.

chloe rickenbach said...

i hate utah.