college is good.
my roommates are awesome and i've had so much fun.
i just need to be doing something at all times.
otherwise, i get thinking of home and where i am at and how much i miss Pleasant Grove.
i miss my bed.
and my cat.
and my family.
and having a car to drive when i need to.
and my friends.
and home cooked meals. 
and just everything.

at night time when i lay in bed i feel scared. i honestly can't explain how i feel because it is so weird.
all i know is that it is getting better and i am starting to like things more.
it just takes me a while to get used to new places, things and people.
don't get me wrong, i've had so much fun.

i just honestly miss my cat.
so pathetic. if you're in Pleasant Grove, please go play with her and pet her.
i know i sound like a loser, but hey, love is love.

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