"If you don't have something nice to say then don't say it at all." Yeah yeah yeah. I get it. This sentence for me is super hard to deal with. I mean, its not like I am the devil and I am the rudest person ever. But I sure do have my faults. I will just go out and say this, because we all do it and we all at times find it amusing and that is to talk about others and laugh at them. HAHAHA. I'm sorry. People are just generally funny. So why not celebrate that mutual amusement.  If I can make someone laugh because of how weird I am its okay. But sometimes we get into talking bad about them. Yeah, I do it too sometimes. And don't any of you act like you don't...you most likely do. But good news. You can stop this nasty habit.  And here is the secret....don't be around people. HAHAA.  No matter what, people will always be dumb and always be funny to laugh at.

Have a greaaaaaat day.

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