i have 23 days left here in Pleasant Grove before i move to Ephriam.
this is kind of a weird thing. and maybe now is the time to say all the great times i've had in this town of mine.

Confessions From A PG Girl:

1. I always hating hiking the G. It was the worst. No, i never liked it.
2. I thought that half of the population of Pleasant Grove High were insane. but so am i, so it worked out well.
3. I hate going to the Strawberry Days carnival because the carnis make me feel violated.
4. One time Max Robyn and I set off fireworks in a mailbox.
5. I peed in the PG pool. Many times. Woops.
6. I spray painted a tree gold at a park.
7. One time i got a sliver in my butt from Discovery Park.
8. I became a true Viking on the high school football field.
9. I've sworn vengeance on this town plenty of times because it seems so boring.
10. I was pulled over for going 55 in a 25 on Murdoch and didn't get a ticket.
11. I've probably been to Maceys more than a 1000 times (exaggeration probably)
12. My name is written in the tunnels of the high school.
13. Student Council was the best thing that happened to me. It really defined me.
14. I've ran multiple stop signs here in town. 
15. I snuck out once to watch a movie with friends and tripped and fell on my face, karma got me there.
16. I once had a lemonade stand out front of my house and made $12. i thought i was the queen of the world.
17. I've been to the rodeo every single year of my life.
18. The summer before my 8th grade year, i got an Hearts drink almost every single day.
19. When i was little, i went to the library in the summer for those library groups. and i loved it.
20. I've been in the Strawberry Days parade 3 times.
21. Once at the Strawberry Days parade my grandma ran out into the crowd to kiss Jason Chaffetz. So funny.
23. I broke two toes on the swings at the city park.
24. I was bit on the face by a dog, which made me get plastic surgery. I have a cool scar.
25. I found my greatest friends here as well as myself.

i love this town. even though at times the people get annoying and i feel trapped. but this place is the best and i really will miss it.
23 days people until i peace out.


Melia Clegg said...

your not the only one who has peed in the pg pool. what do you think me and the 30 other lifeguards do?

Anonymous said...

if you think PG is boring just wait till you get to E-town.