i'm not.

i'm not the kind of girl who sits around waiting for true love to come.
in fact, that is hardly what i ever think of. 
i know it will come along and even if it doesn't, i am okay.
i don't even plan on getting married.
i don't know if it is for me. 
i want to travel and see the world and learn and experience things...
by myself.
but if that plan changes then so be it.
i just don't get why girls these day are like OmG i Am WaiTiNg 4 My OnE tRuE lOvE!!!
calm your panties down. things will happen in their own due time.

so yeah, i don't get "love" a second thought.
i am content by myself and doing things that i want to do.
some may call this selfishness. but i think of it as a self awareness.
i am not the kind of girl to express how i really feel about people, unless i am mad.
so i figure that one day in the future when i have a hot man to love, i will change.
but for now, i am content being forever alone and going on adventures instead of trying to get every single guy in the world to love me.

but hey, that is just who i am.

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Rebecca Marie said...

Love you, you sassy woman.