so rude.

alright. this is going to sound so so so incredibly rude. and i know that i will probs go to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks for this but....midgets make me feel creeped out. and they gross me out. which is so rude because they can't help it. just like i can't help being extremely good looking (just kidding). but whenever i see a midget i cringe and get nervous. it's not just that they are short, it's their legs. and....oh my. i am really going to hell for this. but they just are creepy.

once i saw a midget with normal length arms.
i almost cried.
i am sure that they are super cool and normal people (minus the one off of "Jack Ass")
and sorry to any midgets reading this. maybe we can be friends..when i am blind and in a coma.

i write about this because i have been seeing them a lot lately.
you know how some people say that they see a number all the time that is like their number in life? (mine is 69. i see it everywhere. and that is a funny number) but i see midgets everywhere i go. and i try just to look forward and be as normal as i can. but. i get nervous and start to act all weird. sometimes i wonder if they know i feel weird.
anyways...i think a higher being out there is trying to teach me a lesson because i see them EVERY SINGLE PLACE I GO.
i am cursed.

i also have nightmares about them.
i am a horrible person.

no need to tell me how rude i am. i know.


court said...

midgets are so so scary. they are my biggest fear.
its wierd i am so scared of them because i practically am a midgit.
and by the way, i just died. because this was the funniest thing ive ever read.

Hailey said...

i'm the same way.
i'm so freaked out by them

Anonymous said...

Its actually a pretty common thing to be scared of. I have a good friend who is extremely afraid of midgets. She basically has a panic attack when there is one around. SO anyways don't feel bad! I'm pretty sure your not going to hell :)

hannah schill said...

Jackass3 was the worst thing we could have done to ourselves.