while everyone else is at sweet-hearts or working, or being lame, i am going to a movie. by myself. oh the fun this will be.
i really don't mind it actually. it will give me a chance just to not care.
i am rather excited.
max is working at the theater, but it's whatevs.

i really don't care that i am not going to sweet-hearts either. because it's just a dance.
and boys don't like me. so, either way, i am used to it. boys are lame anyways.

this picture couldn't be anymore true.
k, cya.


Maddie Violet said...

I feel like that all the time, but you know what? You're way too amazing to be going on dates with high school boys. College men are better, and there's more of them. :) Love ya Mardi!

nina c. said...

Ditto man, ditto.