sometimes i just need a break from people.
especially the people i love the most.
because i feel like i can't do enough in a friendship.
or i can't trust.
or they can't trust.
or things are just wrong.
which is horrid, because no one wants to go around walking on egg shells wondering if they've screwed up again.
because it really puts a dent in living.

i just want to sleep my days away and never wake up.
i don't really want to complain much, but i want to be appreciated for who i am and what i do.
it's not super duper important that i am.
but then again, it doesn't hurt.

i want things to be normal, all the time.
life can get pretty crappy every now and then.
it never stops truly being amazing, but sometimes my days just feel worthless and empty.

so here is to trying, i hope this works out.

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