i seem

i seem to always not being able to blog about something worthy enough i guess.
i just don't feel the desire to like i used to.
before it was all about doing it for the sake of people reading, now i couldn't care less.
to you my one reader in their parents basement in Missouri, thank you. you are a kind follower.
it seems that blogging now a days seems to be done because "everyone else is doing it"
but, i guess, now that my life has slowed down some, but also picked up, i find myself not worrying about it as much.
sure, i will write, but knowing that someone reads this won't validate how i feel.
sure, praise is always nice. humans crave praise, even for the simplest things. but i don't feel as if i need it to keep me writing.

there fellow bloggers. i might just have said what most of you are thinking.
but then again, maybe i have not.

on a different note, life is going good.
i have wonderful friends and family.
i am ending my senior year and moving on to college, but i will let you in on a secret, i am terrified. not really for that actual college experience, but that my two best friends will no longer see me as their friend. i don't want to leave them, because truth is, i love them more than anything.
sure, i can see my family any ol'e day. but these two best friends of mine, max and robyn, are worth me crying over the fact that i have to leave them.
if either of you are reading this, i want you to know that.
i'm not gone yet, what am i talking about? who knows.
i'm out.

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nina c. said...

I read every post on your blog, almost to the point of being creepy.