those days

it's been one of those days that you wake up early and can't sleep.
so you lay there with your cat.
and then you fall asleep for another few hours, to wake up to the sky being gorgeously tinted gray.
no one is home.
so you eat cereal in peace and quite, with your cat of course.
you realize your room has been neglected for a whole week, and decide to clean.
then you lay down, still in your pajamas mind you, and stare at the sky.
you stay in sweats, a sports bra and an old t-shirt all day. and obviously don't do your hair.
you practice the piano because it sounds nice.
you run errands and don't mind sitting in traffic, because, at least you're out of the house.
then you sit. and read. and write.
and the sky is gray. and life is good.
then you go to a movie with your grandmother, still in the sweats, sports bra, but you've upgraded to a sweatshirt.
then come home to your cat and read.

yeah, it's been one of those days.

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