full of random

disclaimer: this post will be full of random nothings.

i was recently at wally world buying a few items, and when i went to go purchase these few items in the speedy checkout line i noticed something, and this is what is is; SOME PEOPLE STAND IN THAT LINE WITH MORE THAN 15 ITEMS AND THEN IT TAKES FOREVER!!!!! seriously guys? it says "15 items or less", but the looks of it, you have around 20. that's 5 too many. kindergarten math. that just drives me insane. next time i see that happen, i'm going to go knock off all their stuff and tell them to go to the normal 15+ line. holy nuts.

also, when i was at wally world, nature called. so i went to the back to go take care of that in a special room. when i was sitting there (this is getting awkward) a lady walks in talking to her self and this is what she said. "sweeeeeet.......no one is in here." and i didn't want anything to happen so i did that thing to avoid the awkward, i pretend coughed, but she did nothing. and this is the conversation that follows after she goes in the stall; "nobody can see us, nobody can hear us. we are alone. we can do this. just do this." at that point i was border line freaked out slash cracking up. so i flushed, washed really fast and ran away. i didn't want to see the poor lady after she left. as i was running away, i couldn't help but crack up. oh people of walmart.

anyways, other than those things, life has been lovely and full of good things. things are all working out in a good way and i feel good about them. isn't that the best feeling? yeah, it is. oh, p.s. i am an employed woman now. if you are ever at the Orem Kohls, hit me up. (wft??? hahaha) it'll be a jolly good time.
okay, i am off to sleeeeeeep.

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