oh kitten

warning. this blog post may be borderline inappropriate. read with comic caution.

so, i hope you all remember my kitten, well, now a cat, Ghetto. if you can't remember, here is a little refresher.
isn't she cute?
well. tonight i come home to my grandmother in a furious rage.
she said that my cat peed on her bed and handed me all the stuff on her bed and told me to wash it asap.
so, i did.
but she was not happy. in fact, she was very mad.
so i tried to say sorry (even though i don't know what for)
she was mad and told me she didn't like the cat.

so, i should give you some background info.
i just brought her, as in Ghetto, home one day and she's been living with me ever since.
i love her so much.
and she is potty trained and it good, so i didn't know why she was doing this.

back to the story.
adrienne (the grandma) said that she was either sick or in heat.
barf. in heat means she wants to get it on.
so, she told me the signs and made me read about it.
all the symptoms are there.
for instance, she makes this super creep howling noise (check)
she rubs up against EVERYTHING (check)
she pees on stuff (check)
she sleeps a lot (check)
she treads in place (check)
so i have to get her spayed.
which costs $$$$.
if you would like to donate to the kitten fund, just let me know.
it would be much appreciated.

so yeah cool.
this cat needs to chill out.
i caught her howling at the moon last night.
i thought only dogs did that.

i don't know why i blogged about this.
just bare with me.

i'm off to see if my cat is still peeing on stuff.

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