high school

high school can be a scary place if not handled right.
it can be a place that will build you up, or destroy you.
i am lucky to have a pretty good high school.
we have a good mascot, WERE good at stuff, have lots of cool people and is a nice place to be.
BUT--there are a few things that are sketchy.

first, i never know if i'm going to get shanked in the hallway or something.
it can be scary knowing that some kid with way too much teen angst could kill me.
but obviously they don't. i'm too scary for them.
second, it stinks.
c'mon kids. take showers.
it's not too hard. and i know you all have one.
we are all big kids.
third, it's stressful.
it takes lots of time and can be the worst.
there is so much pressure and it can sometimes get the best of us.
and it's not cool.
fourth, some people suck.
you know that little sensor inside you that can only handle some people and not others, and it sometimes gets the best of you and you have to either set the person straight or simply vow to never talk to them again? yeah.
some people just need to be beaten.
just kidding, some people are just sooo annoying. i can't stand it.
HA. i'm probably one of those people.

you don't have to be "cool" or "popular" to have a good time in high school.
i mean, look at me. and i'm having a glorious time.
life is good.
it can be stressful and sometimes i want nothing more to just sleep in and ignore the ever present gloom of homework.
but, it will pay off later when i'm livin it up in St. George next year.

here's to all the kids in high school who hate life.
here's to the nerds who will one day be richer than any of us.
here's to the popular kids that will be ugly later in life (psych)
here's to the little sophomore still scared out of their wits.
and here's to you. you're surviving high school.
it can be a total beast sometimes.
but, we can all make it through.

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just me, nicole said...

love this mardi :)
You're amazing!