i guess i'm it.

:write 7 random things about yourself, then have everyone else follow the trend:
kelsey tagged me, so i guess i have to. this should be lovely.

one: i have a cat named Ghetto. let's just say that we are best friends and nothing will ever change that.

two: i hate steak. it's the devils food. i would rather eat anything but steak.

three: my favorite smells are gasoline and expo markers. i know "you're killing brain cells" whatevs. i think they smell good.

four: i love to read. my favorite books are To Kill A Mockingbird, Catch-22, Life Of Pi, The Giver, The Great Gatsby, Harry Potter Series, and A Day No Pigs Would Die. yeah, reading is fun.

five: i am not afraid of anything

six: i hate wearing clothes and shoes. if i didn't have to and it was socially acceptable, i would never wear either ever again.

seven: i am super sarcastic, it can even come off mean. i march to the beat of my own drum. call me a free spirit if you want.

now, i choose 7 unlucky souls to past this to. and i choose:
lexi, kellee, max, evan, megan, melia and cailey

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