a few things

there are a few things that i have learned the past few days.
one is to never take your relationships for granted.
sure, sometimes they are hard to keep because of the dumb things that life brings.
but they are really the best for us.
and we depend on them more than we know.
another along the line of friends is just to be so appreciative of the friends you do have.
you never know when something will happen and they will leave or not be okay.
there are times to be grateful. and this time is now.

another thing that i've learned is that some people will never learn.
despite how hard you may try to do things, whatever you do will make you look like a fool.
some lessons are learned hard, and maybe you need to learn one.
but maybe not.

but most importantly. i learned that life is good.
and love is wonderful.
and people are wonderful.
it's fun to live and laugh and love.
and life is funny.
we are all a little bit funny.
and i love my life.

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Lexi. said...

you are wonderful.