guide to school;

we all know that school is fast approaching us in these next few weeks, and there may be some speculation for some about how this next year will be. and about the first day of school.
believe it or not, but, some people actually are so nervous the first day. i don't get this concept, but it's supposedly real. and for those who have the first day jitters, i've devised a plan to keep you sane as well as calm on this day and throughout the whole year.

1. the usual thing for the first day is to wear you nicest new clothes, BUT, if you don't want to, then don't. wear what makes you feel comfortable. not what you think will get you noticed, and then made popular. that rarely happens.

2. this is directed towards sophomores, i know it may be a tad intimidating to go to high school and you are scared out of your wits, and then you'll want to stay right with your friends. don't do this. high school is a time to go out and make new friends. as well as keep your old ones. don't be scared. enter in with confidence.

3. don't go to the bathroom in the old part of the school (this is for the student of Pleasant Grove High School) try to hold it until you get home, or go in the new ones.

4. make good friends with your teachers. you will be with them all year and there is no sense in hating them. i would recommend becoming great friends with Mr. Deans. he is a gem and definitely a best friend kind of person.

5. try not to go behind the school at lunch. (enough said if you catch my drift)

6. some days if you honestly don't feel like getting ready, don't. as much as it may seem that high school is one big competition to be noticed by what you are wearing, it's not if you don't make it to be.

7. school lunch is rather gross. what i would do if i were you is just wait to eat until you get home. or simply leave and go somewhere.

8. get involved. simply meaning, join a club, go to games, participate in the lunchtime activities. seriously, high school can be so much fun it you make it to be. there is stuff always going on, don't be scared to do something.

9. surround yourself with good friends. this is an obvious one. they make everything so much better.

10. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. or else your grades will go down and life will suck because your parents will think you are not worthy of freedom.

that's it really that i can think of. if you would like to add to any, go on ahead. really, your first day jitters are in vain because it's really not too scary. this may sound cheesy, but i can remember my first day of high school, and now i'm entering senior year. it's kinda crazy. high school is crazy. sometimes you feel the most insane pressure to be someone you're not. but don't give it. it's all worth it in the end. and if you don't remember anything from this way weird blog post, i want you to remember that everything is worth it in the end if you just stick it out.


melia said...

#6, the story of my life.

Katie said...

I love this