do you ever have the most amazing dream and it seems so real. and then when you wake up, POOF!, it's gone? if not, this is the weirdest feeling. sometimes the dream that you had seems to real that you can't quite tell if it really happened or if it was a dream. it's the coolest yet weirdest feeling ever.

last night i had a dream about living in Australia. i was hunting crocodiles and eating nasty food. but it was a life of adventure and bliss. i was free to anything. have you ever seen the movie Australia? if not, it's a winner. go watch it. i have it, you can borrow it. but the one character "The Drover" is this wild guy who has no home and is just a free dude, that's how i want to live life. sure, it's nice to have a house and somewhere to call your own safe place. but i still think that it'd be quite the adventure to just live all throughout the world.

my friend kacey and i decided that after we graduate this next year, we want to go backpacking through Europe. have no plan, just go somewhere and make friends and memories. just be free. i love Utah and all, but it's high time i go out and find who and what i want to be. just to experience the world. we plan on going. you can come if you'd want to join us. it'll be quite an adventure.

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