have you ever felt stuck in the same moment in life?
and it's eternally drowning you and not letting you up for air or even for a change of thought?
and no matter how hard you try, your stuck?
yeah, welcome to my life.
i want this to change.
ah change;

i can feel change in the air.
i usually don't do well with change, but this is okay, because i am fine with it.
i want it to happen.
this change is coming, and i've never been more excited, yet scared.
it's a weird feeling, but one that i will embrace.

it seems like everyone else is changing too.
or maybe it's just the way i view people.
either way, it's a lovely bittersweet thing to see.

things are good. very good.
but very out of order.
my life is full of good things, i just need to see what goes where and why.
and what i can do without.
and i think i know.

anyone want to change with me?
perhaps not.

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