whats new

i haven't had much time to really say what is new in my life.
i just blog about random things. stupid senseless thoughts. nothing too all encompassing about my life. which, actually is fine.
whats new in this boring life of mine is, nothing.
school is out. summer is here.
i've had youth conference, which was grand.
tuesday i have a piano audition with Professor Vaunderbeek for Weber University.
i am pretty excited. i am playing this piece.

my best friends are moving in 2 weeks. and i think i will cry my eyes out.
i basically have this week with them, then girls camp, then they move. this is not the best time in life now. but, things will work out.
i hope.

my phone is braking. and my heart and soul grieve for it.
why does technology have to be so addicting??
i'll have to buy a new phone.

as i said, nothing is really new in my life.
things are going pretty swell. except for my friends moving.
that is really the biggest challenge for me. because they are seriously such wonderful ladies.

i'm so sorry this blog is worthless and i never say anything wonderful, funny, inspiring or beautiful. i just, don't know what to say.
some think i'm mean.
some think i am stupid.
some don't even care.
and i am just sick of it.
that's all.
i shouldn't care. so i won't.
i write what i write.

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