this past week has been so full of learning.
learning that life has it's up's and down's but no matter whats going on, we have a Father in Heaven that loves us more than anything.
He loves us so much that He sent His Son do die for us.
i mean, think about it, He was so willing for us to achieve such great happiness that He sent His Son that He loves so very much to come and die for us that we can return to The Father again.
this is probably the greatest thing i think i can ever think has happened in the history of everything.
i am eternally grateful for this knowledge.
and maybe this blog isn't the exact right place to say all these things, but i've never made it known before. i've had my doubts and speculations about how everything has worked, but i now know.

this past 3 days i've been privileged to go to NFYC (North Field Youth Conference)
and let's just say, it has changed my thinking.
i am still me, in every way. but the things that were said made me really think about life. and what my purpose is. and why i am who i am.
my thinking has been changed all from such a simple experience.

i am in no way saying i am now the strongest member of my church.
because in no way am i close to being that way.
but my thinking is changed and i can see a clear path ahead.

i'd just like to say sorry to some that i have hurt along the path.
because i simply just didn't know whats up. but i am striving everyday to be a person worthy of being someones everyday hero.
because i want to be someone that someone looks up to.
this is my most ultimate goal. and i won't rest until i know i've fulfilled this mission.

the many things that you can learn at a youth conference.
& life is looking up.


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Amandine said...

thanks for sharing this Mardi! you have an amazing testimony and you're a wonderful young woman!! I love you:)

Miss Melia said...

youth conference was the best.