well. that kitten thing only last a few hours.
i felt like a mother. THE THING CRIED NON-STOP.
i put it in this crate thing, and it could climb out.
i woke up to it's cries, thinking that it was in it's cozy little bed i made for it.
but, NO.
i was running around my room.
so i put it back in.
it got back out.
i decided to put it in the shower, who knows why.
oh wait, i do. my fatigue ridden brain thought that'd be a good place for it.
no, it's worse. showers echo. i could hear it.
and so could the family, or so i thought.
so i came and put it back in my room.
and it. wouldn't. shut. up.
i mean, i am so tired. i have to get up in a few hours and i am almost to tears.
so, i get dressed in warm clothes, go upstairs with my heart beating a million miles an hour, go into grandma's room, awaken her, and tell her the whole thing.
she laughs.
says to take it back. and that she loved me.
but she first called me dumb. and laughed more.
so, at 4:14 am i take it back to where it belonged, with it's REAL mommy.
i'm sad to see it go. but i am ready to sleep.
i have NO idea why i am blogging now.
oh well.
this is the end of my love for kittens.
they only keep me awake and bite my fingers.

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