DISCLAIMER: this is meant to be kept on the total DL. so my nosy family members who see this, don't tell grandma, she'll kill me. i will tell her later. if she finds out, i know who to blame

so tonight, i got a kitten.
it's so cute. but i am not sure if it's a girl or a boy.
so, "it" will have to do for now.
it's name is Schnout (sch-n-out) like that thing on a dog. the nose? yeah.
it's so little and cute.
has the prettiest eyes, and loves me.
it's scared to be away from it's mommy but is comfortably sleeping on my bed now.
i don't think i will keep it. because:

1. i am allergic to cats (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
2. my grandmother would kill me

visitors are welcome to see my child.
it (i just decided it's a he no matter what) is super cute. and i love him.
kittens are cute, cats are not.
once it's old, i will give it to one of you.
any takers?

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Kelsey said...

I really really enjoyed this.
I miss you.