was crazy.
here's how it goes.
bare with me.
1. went to yearbook party. i bought a year book at the beginning of the year, BUT, they said i didn't. had to pay for another. lovely.
2. got lots of signatures. i loved that.
3. went with alexis, kim, jared, hunter and daniel
4. went to Doxy chair. about peed my pants, in fact, i did.
5. we left jared on Doxy chair to become a true person who did the Doxy challenge. but when we came back, he was gone. it was so scary. mind you know, it's like 11:30 at night. and it's so freaky. then he pops out and scared the living pooh out of me. brat.
6. talked to random lady about Doxy chair
7. went off-roading
8. went driving around everywhere stalking people.
9. played in "baby cemetery" HAHAHAAHA
10. last but not least, became a true viking. i legitimately did it. if you don't know what that is, i will tell you.

grand day.
things are going so well for me.
and i can say,
i love life.

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Amandine said...

mardi mardi mardi...you are such a party animal!!! Love it:) and yes i need to know about this true viking thing...