a piece of wisdom

Don't let feeling bad turn you into a person you don't even like. Instead, let it shape and mold you into a better person. We always hear of trial and error. But what they forget to mention are the successes too. There are many. Feeling good and content with things is the best feeling in the world. Money can't buy it. You can't install it. And you certainly can't steal it. It comes with life opportunities and circumstance along with personal perception and well being. You can't wait for the world catch up to how your feeling. You have to go out and make the most of each and everyday and learn to live with some challenges that we are so graciously given. So learn from all the pain as hard and stupid as it may be. And sometimes it may not even feel worth it to try anymore. And even though it hurts more than anything you've ever felt before, let is make you into better versions of yourself. And then when you look at the big picture, it is so worth it and important. Don't let others bring you down, and if they do, be determined to get back up.

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