noticed lately how the trend of things are going?
what used to be different, like indie is now in style.
and the people that actually were that way before are like, "hello. i'm here."
especially with music.
people who i listened to forever ago are becoming popular.
i think my world is being shaken.
there is nothing wrong with it.
i would love for everyone to enjoy it as much as i do.
but, they don't need to be boastful about how cool it is and how bad A they feel.
no no no.
not cool.
this is all just in my opinion a'ight h8trs (i've always wanted to say that, sorry)
let's just be who we are.
we don't always have to follow the "mainstream"
i in fact, don't. but, it's like whatevs.

i have no energy to make an awesome blog complete with awesome thoughts and pictures.
maybe some quote from a book i read that is life changing.
no inspiration speeches or things that will make people know who i am.
no witty words to charm the eye and to make me popular in the blogging world.
but, that's not what blogging is about. if it were, half of us would be suicidal.
it's about expressing thought.
whether right or wrong, doesn't matter.
a blog is a blog.
woo hoo.
have a grand day.

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