end to beginning.

i have a headache
there is rain and it is gloomy
my bed looks ever so inviting
i see the pile of homework i have to do
but i don't really care
my head is pounding
i need a drink
but my legs won't carry me to get one
i long for the sunshine
but i don't at the same time
i love this gloom
i bask in this gloom
i thrive and achieve in this gloom
this week has been long
and i've been stressed beyond belief
i want someone to talk to
but, everyone is busy
i feel like i am losing my best friends
but am also gaining new ones
i wish i could say all i want to say without getting judged
i wish that high school would end
and i wish that some people disappeared
i keep having weird dreams
they are always about you
we haven't talked in a few days, and i miss you
you are my best friend
but i don't think you know it
maybe i don't either?
i just like to think it
my legs are cold but my arms are not
what a funny thing to happen
i can smell food upstairs
but i'm not hungry
today is a blah day
i wish things were different
i wish i was different
i wish we talked more
or that someone would talk to me
is this too much to ask?
i so hope not.
please, just leave me be
but smother me in you care and love
thats all i need
the end.

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