a random little thing

don't ever say that again.

tomorrow going up to canyon to test out a myth.
might die.
if i do, here is my will.

(since alexis and kim will be with me, i need not leave them anything else)
melia clegg- everything Nascar. only one thing. all my movies and my laptop.
evan kirby- my journal (yes, i trust you with this) and all my pictures
adrienne- my body
meg abel- my books and my secret cupcake recipe (this is for real)
jared nauman- my list of why i hate him (HAHAHA)
KZ- my phone and student council sweater
kaci- my ipod and videos
kim clyde- she actually get's my other journal. the juicer one. and my writing books.
dana daly- my clothes, we all know she always smells them. creep.

yeah, i can't think of anyone else. i know you all want a piece of my memory.
oh i love how i am talking like i am dead already.
you never know, i might be.

oh, just a shout out to melia she is my favorite and she has a grand blog.
i loove this woman.


melia said...

i like you lots (:

meg. said...

stop that.

but i will keep your recipe close to my heart.