aaah, let's take a look here.

oh this just seems like a bunch of fun. i got this from miss lexi hill
she is a doll

ge: 17
Bed size: queen
Chore you hate: washing the kitchen floor with the steam mop. barf, kill me.
Dogs: i have 2. Mace is a black lab. and Maggie is a, mentally challenged dog. seriously. we hung her from a bunk bed when she was a puppy (on accident)
Essential start of your day: seeing my friends. lame i know. my days would be so lame without them. they are a must.
Favorite color: purple and teal
Gold or silver: silver. for sure
Height: five foot five
Instruments I play: classical piano (13 years) guitar (5 minutes)
Job title: nanny.
Kids: no thank you.
Live: hillsborro oregon
Mom's name: tara (mother) adrienne (lady who raised me)
Nickname: mards. mardi party.
Overnight hospital stays: got plastic surgery from a dog bite on my face (ask to see the scar. it's pro)
Pet peeve: people who click pens constantly
Quote from a movie: "bad color" (Village) "Goonies never say die!!!" (Goonies)
Right or left handed: RIIIIIIIIHGT.
Siblings: colton, michael, seth, amanda, annie
Time you wake up: for school, 6. weekends, 11
Underwear: NONE, psych. blue??
Vegetables you dislike: i hate cauliflower
What makes you run late: oversleeping or just daydreaming and forgetting about the time.
X-rays you've had done: teeth. throat. leg. arm. finger. foot. toe. neck. (i get hurt a lot)
Yummy food you make: my grandma makes me food. i make cereal.
Zoo animal: a tiger. definitely. they are cool.

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