tonight was definitely an adventure that will last be a while. and really a good ending to my spring break, which by the way was grand.
today first started off taking my little cousin on a date.
but let me clarify. i was more the chaperon. he is in love with my best friend and has been dying to be with her. so she decided that it would be a good idea. and i was so down for it.
and i was going to take my other cousin, his older brother. like a double date.
so we decided the day and everything. and my date bailed. the dumb boy wanted to play video games instead. boys, ah, what am i going to do with you? beat you? yeah.

now, let me also clarify another thing. my cousin riley absolutely loves my best friend, alexis.
he tells all his friends that he has a high school girlfriend and that she is sooo pretty.
riley is 8.
alexis is 17.
but i guess when love happens, it happens.
and he also asks me 24/7 when alexis will be over or if he can text her on my phone and whatever. it's truly obsession in it's cutest and finest form.

okay, now that i clarified that, we went on our date. i was date-less and lonely. but it's okay.
we went to lunch, and mini golfing and to get a treat.
he was loving it the whole time.
he could barely speak the whole time. he just kept looking at her like he honestly had never seen a more beautiful thing in his life. it was cute.

okaaaaaay. so i did that. then came home to be a slave to the fam.
maybe it's because i am a mexican.
then after that, kacey came over. and my evening got crazy from there.
first we went searching at DI for kacey's jersey that her mom accidentally gave to them.
no successssss. so we just chilled there. then decided we wanted a record player. old school.
so we went to savors. and found one. then spent forever picking out records.
it was truly prime.
then came home to listen to them. but apparently something is lose in the player so it spins faster and makes everything sound like a chipmunk. funny.
then got hungry. so we went to macey's for some chocolate milk, but we walk in and there is basically a family reunion of all my favorite people. so we chatted.
then decided to go see a movie, and the only one slightly interesting was JUSTIN BIEBER.
best decision. but let me clarify (overly used word in this post) we hate him.
we were just in the mood to bash something or someone.
we did the whole movie.
and loudly.
everyone around us probably wanted to kill us. oh well, it was like midnight.
i have never laughed so hard.
kacey and i decided that when justin's mom was giving birth to him she was screaming; "IT'S MY BABY, BABY, BABY OWWW" then justin's first words freshly out of the womb were simply "baby" then elaborated to "i'm a baby, baby, baby."
i laughed.

so as the title of this post, INCONCEIVABLE. that is because i just cannot believe that girls are so psychotic about him. crying? seriously ladies? c'mon. he's just a boy. and in the movie some chicks like tried to attack him. holy freaky. i'd shoot them if i were him.
also, wouldn't he get sick of the constant cheering and crying around him?
if i were him, i'd hold a gun to my head and say "i'll really do it if you don't shut up. the next person to say something will be the death of me" then, the whole world would go silent. except for kacey and i. (this is a joke, calm it down)
please guurls, just don't be obsessed with a young boy barely starting puberty.

anyways, things were good. maybe this post in completely stupid to you. but i am laughing while typing it. i do that sometimes.

and, life is good

p.s.- i was going to write justin a letter saying "dear you, does it make you sad to know that your only fans are young girls and mom's?"
but i figured that'd be little too below the belt..

p.s.s-i ran into an open bathroom stall door because i was laughing so hard after the movie.

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melia said...

i hate justin bieber too!
CHEERS to that!