ohh, well, i found this on some people's blogs. and i think it'd be interesting to know your answers. and in turn, i will answer your questions. in a personal, hand written note. because those are simply the best. and we all deserve to get one, once and a while.

1:: how did you find this blog? What are your likes & dislikes about it?

2:: do you have any questions for me? about me?


Juhee said...

well.. I saw that you followed a blog I knew! and umm haha why the lion?

Kelsey said...

You stalked me first. So I stalked you second.
And our friendship blossomed from there.

Who Out of the 5 is the most attractive?

Ron weasley, fred&george (they count as one essentially) Viktor krum, neville longbottom or Harry potter? And yes, malfoy is NOT included.