a pet named peeve

there are things that just drive me insane like no other. and i will proceed to tell you about them;

1. when you buy something and get money back and they put the coins on top instead of right in your hand: okay, now this is just stupid. if it's on top of the bill of course it will fall out and we will have quite an awkward moment when it falls and i have to pick it up right then and there. and of course when that happens, big fat joe comes barging in behind you because he is in a hurry to buy his 24 pack of Corona. and he smells awfully of your dead grandma's house. it's just not lovely. i urge that if you are a cashier, to put the change in the customers hand first, then the dollar bills. they will love you for this. i promise.

2. when you are forced to use a public bathroom due to an over filled bladder and the toilet paper feels like sand paper and won't come off without tearing: this is mostly the worst when you are in a hurry. and your trying to pull the nasty toilet paper out of the holder and it's so thin and nasty that it breaks off before you get any of it. it annoys me to high heaven. but sadly, i find no solution to this, except to hold your pee in until you return home.

3. when people flip you off when driving: numero uno about this one, it's simply rude. and numero dos, it's simply an outward expression that let's me know you have some problems that with medication, could very well get fixed. now i understand that some drivers are simply nimrod's and have no idea how to drive. but must we show such a vulgar response to their idiocy? maybe.

4. how a boy can be a tad more feminine and he is automatically "gay": this is horrible, because, i too have done this. i think there is a fine line between joking about it within our own little mind and sharing it out loud rudely. now, if it's a friend, and you know it's a joke then go for it.

5. when your in class and someone near by you decides to sing show tunes all class period: i understand that show tunes are so dang catchy and what not, but i honestly don't want to hear you sing your little heart out when i am trying to memorize the digestive tract of a cow. it makes it worse when the person can not sing worth a crap. and there is a major difference between humming a little ditty and singing a whole ballad. please don't. if you wish to sing, take a bathroom break and sing until you turn blue in the face.

i have no idea why, but these few thing bug me.
but it's okay.
i will surely get over it.


Alexis Ann said...

i agree with the first one.
it bothers me incredibly when they put it on top, then you have to awkwardly slide it off the receipt & into your wallet.

melia said...

oh mardi, i have to disagree! i love when they put the change on top of the dollar bill because then it slides nicely right into my change pocket of my wallet. on the other hand, my biggest pet peeve is when im trying to listen to a teacher/lesson and there is constant chit-chat going on right behind my ears. i cant pay attention for the life of me. it annoys me just thinking about it.