i give up

i give up on the 30 day challenge.
i may some day randomly get back to it. but don't count on it.
for now, i am in a state of "blah"
everything is "blah"
not bad, not good. maybe better to say, comfortably numb.

and that's okay with me. because you see, in this state of mind, nothing bad happens, but the downfall is, nothing good happens either.
and sure, things really do happen, but when your in the comfortably numb state of mind, nothing might as well happen.

but i really can't complain.
and yet, i can't go on and on about how grand things are.
because, that'd be lying.

on another note, today's weather was glorious. cloudy and rainy. the perfect weather for comfortably numb.

and when comfortably numb is ever said, often people think of depression or something very wrong. but no, it can just be a state of mind, just like being happy, angry and in pain are.
all natural human things.
and so i honestly don't want to hear any crap for it.
i am sick of people making the most minute (not as in time, as in small) things into huge problems. it is down right annoying.
and i am at my whit's end for that.
so, please don't unless you want me to have a mental breakdown, or possibly beat you.

the end.

1 comment:

Lexi. said...

trust me girl you are not the only one who gave up on that pointless challenge!