day seventeen;

woah, sorry i forgot to blog last night. it was a wild one. so, i am a day behind. but here it goes for this fine day. day seventeen.

my favorite memory:
there are just way too many, so i will just share one that makes me laugh every time i think of it. it was a few months ago, actually right after Sadie's. (which is a story in and of itself, i will talk about it later) well, we all went to go hang out with the same guys we took to Sadie's. and Kim Alexis and I were in Kim's car driving, and we stopped at Trevor's house and i jumped out thinking she stopped the car, but, she didn't. so, one of my feet was on the ground and the other was in the car as she kept driving, and i fell out and twisted my leg and got knocked out for like .5 seconds. it didn't hurt at all, but i was laughing so hard, and so was everyone else. i have never seen Alexis run so fast, she was there right by my side in like 1 second. after the scare was over it was so funny. sometimes i think of it and laugh to myself.

like i said, i have WAY too many memories to just name one.
most of them involve mischief , someone getting hurt, or death (just kidding on the last one)
but indeed. there is one memory our of thousands.

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