take a deap breath.

just sit back and realize that it's okay. it all is. and always will be. the only thing that mixes things up is yourself and your mind. if you were to just sit down and see the situation for what it is instead of how is could be then things would be just fine. does that even make sense? it does to me.

things can be pretty confusing. the people you love the most sometimes hurt you, but i don't think they mean it. but it does hurt. and the worst is sitting back and watching it all happen. because you clearly can't come in and try to stop it. it's not you. you can't truly stop thoughts and actions of others, and maybe wishing you can and devising a plan to is the problem.

i make no sense. even i can tell that.

i just wish i could control things. but i don't want to come off controlling. oh things are confusing.

anyone want to chat or hang out?

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