An ignorant child with hope.
In her eyes, she settles for a demon.
A tortured, horrid mess of a thing. 
Ugly with a vendetta for goodness. 
She doesn't know what torture it will be. 
And what's worse is that she doesn't even care. 
She carved out of herself a pitiful mess that weeps with each passing moment of life. 
And with life comes in the new. 
She makes a space for good to come in but shyly misses the exit of the bad. 
She breathes in lust as humility escapes.
The demon stays. 
Her heart settles back into a comatose state. 
Her vengeance ready to win. 
Her past boils up an unconquerable guilt that only the supreme can help.
It boils over until she is drowning in her "what if" 's 
She stands alone. 
Drenched in her mistakes. 
The demon holding her hand. 
She ignorantly backs up into a pit of non-existence. 
The demon laughs. 
She chokes on her choice.
Then the demon comes to eat at the good inside. 
She stands alone. 
Beyond ready to done. 
And she says "No more. I deserve happiness."
The demon stops and is frozen by her change. 
It's over. 
It's done. 
All over the instinct of health and happiness that is deserved. 
The girl has won. She has faced her own demons. 
It flies back to its own personal hell because it took the girls. 
She stands with her courage in one hand and experience in the other. 
No longer will she bow down to please what she so ignorantly settled for before. 
She is here. 
She has won. 
She has faced her demons. 

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