Okay...WHAT??! I haven't blogged in forever. Almost a year! That's sad. Truly. It is. I used to write on here DAILY! I just went back and read through some of my old stuff...and it's quite comical actually. High school/college drama. Sad posts. Talking about being in love or being annoyed with family. Like...HAHAHAHAHAH. Okay Mardi. Calm it down. Some posts made me laugh so hard. Some made me feel like I was losing brain cells. And others were truthfully pretty sad.

I won't delete them. They're here to stay because those words described how I felt at the moment. So why get rid of them? So...take a look at them and lol @ them like I did. 

Okay. So, a lot has happened since I blogged last. Like...a lot. Brain surgery. My brother passed away. Went to 3 psych wards. Moved like 4 times. Now I live in Oregon. Lost my car. Had some weird and amazing jobs. Lost and gained a lot of awesome friends. Had family problems. Had family solutions (lol) Lots of tears. Lots of laughs. Lots of personal hell moments but also lots of learning. I'll definitely go over all of these moments. One by one. 

Just didn't want you guys to forget about me. I'm here. I still write down my words a lot (in a little journal that if it ever got lost, I'd be screwed) 

Just be ready to read what I've got to say because WOAH...there's a lot of it. 

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