I haven't blogged in forever and a half and I have missed it so much.
I may not be the best writer or the funniest person, but I sure do still love to write down things about life.
For those of you who don't care about this blog or have even forgotten about who I am, HELLO.
Most of the people out there who talk to me are beyond kind and they make me feel loved when other things in this crazy thing called life make me feel like eating a whole pizza while watching Greys Anatomy on Netflix.
I am an annoying person but there is this thing called LEARNING. Yeah, I have definitely had my annoying times in life and I may still be there, but at least I am working on this thing called life.

Here is a catch up on my life lately...
I had a brain tumor and it needed to gtfo out of my head so I had brain surgery. Oh man, it was the most painful thing I could ever think of or feel.
At least the tumor is out and I am on my rad path to recovery because if it was still in there, I would still be insane and wild.
I had surgery on August 8th and I am still struggling with pain and memory problems but guess what? I thank God every single day that He has helped me in getting on a healthier path in life.

I really have missed talking to you all through my weird words. Love me anyway, okay?
My life recently has just been about brain stuff. Lame huh?
This blog may be stupid to most of you, but I love typing random things. None of you have to love what I have to say, and that's beyond okay. Just know that I love but also hate some of the words that come from me, so deal with me anyways.

I truly love you all.
You make me feel happy in this crazy thing called life.


Anonymous said...

You are one of the funniest people I know! - Jessie

ruthie.von said...

Mardi! Missed you in this blogosphere! It's probably weirdo and creepy but I perpetually have a window open on my safari that is on your vlogs. I wouldn't hate it if you started those up again. Also, I'm so glad you're doing better! Keep it up and know I'm sending you all the prayers and good vibes I've got!