i really should blog more. i have a lot of things to say.
but i find that whenever i sit down to type, that all of a sudden my voice is gone and i can't find exactly what i want to say.
it really sucks.
but my awkward and timid voice has power behind it and i know that.
i know that i may not type exactly how i am feeling because somedays i'm not even quite sure how i am feeling.
but i do know that what i am feeling is real. and it is genuine.
i don't necessarily have to have readers and comments, even though those would be nice.
but getting my voice and words out there is good enough.

i really don't have much to say. other than the fact that life has been kind to me.
sure, there have been some real hard moments but i am extremely blessed.
i just want to live a life of meaning.
and in order to do that, i can't stay stuck in the past.

sorry this blog has been abandoned.
i've been far too busy living life.
try it sometime.

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Nicole Guilott said...

So... I adore you. You're basically amazing. That's all.