late night thoughts.

sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night with the sudden urge to blog.
so blog, i will.
this is my last week living down in Ephraim.
my first year of college is over, and i am beyond excited to move back home.
this summer should be amazing.
i've learned so much down here in this hell hole.
i've hated it 75% of the time.
but it really has been good for me.
i learned who my true friends are.
i started to learn who i am as an individual. 
i've learned that i can't do it all and that it is okay to ask for help.
i am ready to be home again.
i'm sure i will be begging to move out soon, but for now, all i want is to be home.
1st year of college down. 
i would do it over again.
even though it sucked and i complained so much, it was filled with some great moments.

so even though college can totally suck it, it isn't all too bad.
i just know that i am never coming back to Snow.
peace out E-Town. i hate you.

1 comment:

ruthie.von said...

I'm glad there has been good that came out of your trials.
Where will you go instead of Snow?
(that rhymed but I don't care to rephrase it)