life is one big event with little spurious moments that make it complete.
and in those little moments are born the times that we become unraveled.
think about it, we come into this existence knowing nothing. and we are completely dependent on others to survive. but through trial and error we slowly become an individual. unique and beautiful.
we are mosaics of our own stories, thoughts, life patterns and weaknesses.
and slowly through learning, we become unraveled.
bits and pieces of who we are make us learn heartache, fear, envy and pride.
we become unraveled.
our once whole and strong being becomes small and withered.
we allow the ugliness of the world to darken our sense of worth and accomplishment.
what happened to the once bright eyed person we were?
was it that we learned or what is that we were naive?
either way allows us to become unraveled and fazed.

those spurious moments are what make us become strong, but where is the line that they become harmful to us?
life is to learn. and to love. and to experience.
and how can we do this when the whole time we are trying our very best to not completely come unraveled?

unraveled; funny word isn't it?
each and every day, there are people trying their best to keep it together.
to be strong and to be just alright.
and try as hard as you can, each choice and decision you make, will either build you or unravel you in the end.

i think i am unraveling. but i'm not sure.
i can't quite differentiate between that or just growing stronger from lessons learn from mistakes.
either way, it's the worst feeling.
and i deserve to feel better.
we all do.

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