When I was younger, life seemed so different. It wasn't easy like all you idiots seem to think childhood is.
It's hard.
You're faced with new experiences and you start to become who you are.
You set life patterns.
It's not all fun and games.
But the one thing about childhood that I really do honestly miss is the attitude of being a child.
Childhood is filled with positive thoughts and everything seems good.
Partly because we are so blissfully unaware. But mostly because we sill have our innocence and the world seems like a big beautiful place.
But then we grow up and realize that this place has its ugly parts too.
There are dirty places and people and no matter how hard you try, your innocence and positivity are gone.
I wish I still had that simple part of childhood.
Even to be blissfully unaware would be nice every now and then.
I've seen the bad and the ugly and I know first hand just how bad it can sink a person.
This whole adult thing sucks sometimes. The freedom is awesome. But the freedom also sucks.
I don't like this whole growing up thing.. Get me out of here.
I wish I would have taken my time as a child to see just how good I actually had it.

This post was stupid and random.
Yeaaaahuh snitches. Deal with it.

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