a sudden realization.

okaaaay people. i suddenly realized that this blog is seriously such a mess. 
like honestly? you people probably think i'm on crack or something.
my posts can be happy and uplifting one day and depressing and horrible the next.
i promise you that i'm not bi-polar.
i just seem to write more when my feelings are strong towards something.
which is obviously really happy or really sad.
but it's whatevs.
i really will try to talk more about the happier side of my life.
because believe it or not, i have one.
i just need to get my head out of the gutter and focus on those good things.
after all, the blog is called THIS IS PRIME. not THIS FREAKING SUCKS.
so, i really will try people.
don't give up on me now.

enjoy this random picture that made me laugh today.



Batash said...

Sometimes it's just nice to let out how you're feeling, so you're not keeping it all bottled up. I hope that you are doing ok! Keep your chin up.
I love all of your posts.

Melia Clegg said...

you make me laugh. "after all this blog is called THIS IS PRIME. not THIS FREAKING SUCKS." you are too funny. but it's your blog, you can write whatever you feel! love you girl.