change on the horizon.

i have felt overwhelmed this last week. for good and for the bad.
i now know who is in my life because they want to be, and who isn't.
i am working on myself and hoping that will change things for the better.
i feel ancy and scared sometimes for no reason. i don't know what that means.
but, it will all be okay.
i am definitely ready for some change in my life.
and for new experience and people to come along.
i just wish that changing all of these things didn't make me feel so alone.
i sit and watch netflix. or read.
i pray a lot and find myself crying over dumb things.
but, it will be fine.
i know what i have to do.
have a wonderful Saturday people. and do something fun.
i am going to go play with Hannah Schill. she came from Logan to visit.
and i love her.

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