the time spent back here at home has been good for me.
i really was homesick but i can honestly say that i am excited to be going back.
i like school. well, i like living on my own.

college has been a time of fresh starts. going to a new place meant that i could be anyone. and that i could leave my past mistakes here in Pleasant Grove. and that is exactly what i did.
i am still me. i just came with a new confidence.

i will be sad to go back to school and leave my cat, family and friends, but i won't be nearly as sad as the first time. it will be good.
i am ready to take the next step in life and see what opportunities are ahead of me.

to those back here in Pleasant Grove, i am sorry if i have ever hurt or done you wrong. i am sorry for my inability to, at times, do the right thing. i am sorry if i made one thing a priority when the real thing that mattered was right in front of me. i am sorry if i ever brushed your feelings aside for my own, and most importantly, i am sorry if i made you feel worthless.
take my apology now, and let me prove to you what i can do.

here is to a new beginning and a good time in life that makes me happy.

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