lessons i've learned

i've only been in college for 3 weeks. but i can already tell you that i have learned many lessons from my short stay here so far. here they are.

1. seriously mark all your food. or your psychopath roommates will eat it all.
2. don't think that your roommates are really as sweet as they are on the first day that you meet. this is false. they are much worse.
3. ALWAYS remember your key to your apartment. i find that someone doesn't want to come to the door to let you in at 2 a.m
4. make as many friends as possible so you don't have to stay at your apartment with the crazies.
5. boys suck. all they want is to get married ASAP. make friends with the non-douche bags.
6. cooking is overrated. put a pizza in the oven and you're good to go.
7. laugh at your insane professors jokes, this will make them like you.
8. find a job. even if it's only 6 hours a week like mine. every bit of monaaaay helps.
9. YOLO. this is so stupid. but seriously, live it up. this is a good time in life.
10. spend as much time at the library. it's nice. plus it's a place that everyone comes to actually get things done. it is free from most distractions, besides blogging, facebook, twitter and pinterest.

i'm actually in the library now. i am supposed to be studying for a math test. but i figure that this is a tad more important.
so hello from me to you. i am bored.

hopefully college will be full of many more good experiences and life lessons.
here is to hoping everything happens for a reason!!!


Anonymous said...

Look at you all sorts of grown up!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you pass your Math Test. Will pray for you to pass Math and get it out of the way.
Love you, Gndma