i haven't been happy with myself lately. and some things need to change.
i need more goals in life to help me see the big picture.
so, i made a list.

1. be okay with who i am and what i do in life.
2. study the scriptures more.
3. shut my mouth at times that really matter.
4. keep a positive attitude.
5. be willing to admit that i am wrong.
6. begin my day with prayer.
7. say sorry when i need to.
8. don't loose sight of who i am in my new found freedom.
9. be happy.
10. never let someone make me feel bad about myself. been there and done that and it is not worth my time.

i am happy. i really am.
i miss my family and cat and the year i had last year.
but, i am moving on from things that do me no good and trying to stop hurting from the ones that i am convincing myself will do me good.

here is to a better me.

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Morgan said...

This was so good and exactly what I needed to read.

These are my goals too.