dear roomies

i'm sorry roomies that it had to come to this.
it all could have been avoided.
first, don't put up a note saying "your mother are not here to do your dishes. PLEASE do them and put them in the dishwasher!"
i was cool with that. it made it all easier.
next you make a calendar of days to do dishes. that seemed a bit weird, but i did it.

then this weekend came. 
i cleaned the kitchen until it was spotless on saturday. it took me well over an hour and i thought you would respect that.
apparently not.
your sister and her boyfriend came to stay and the kitchen became a disaster.
i cleaned it again.
i leave and come back to find it dirty..AGAIN.
so i cleaned it and left this note.

seriously. practice what you preach. 
i am annoyed.
and this probs will make things weird. but, OH WELL.
peace out biiiiih.

1 comment:

nina c. said...

hahahahahha. gave me a good laugh tho...
I'm that one roommate that doesn't ever do any dishes..