a ramble.

I AM OKAY. moving on from that time in life. and i am doing bigger and better things. i will be okay. i am growing up. and i don't need to be a baby anymore.

i don't think that made sense or was on topic with anything else.
i just had to get it out of my system.

one day the people of this world will wake up and get over themselves and grow up.
but until then, it is fun to watch what happens.

i never sleep in college.
it is the worst. but the best at the same time. i like it.
bring on the partaaay.

i read a lot a work and that is fine by me.
currently reading Night Circus. it is good! take a look.

there are cats everywhere here and it just makes me miss ghetto even more every single day.
tonight, a kitten came right up to me and let me hold it like a baby. i let is sleep in my arms for a good 2 hours. and it was wonderful. it was sad having to put it back.
i almost cried.

i am annoyed a lot lately.
i wish people would just have the balls to say what they think instead of holding back.
it's okay. i promise.

i'm done waiting around for things to change. i have all the opportunity here right in front of me and i am going to take advantage of that. sorry if others are stuck behind. i am done waiting.

i am tired and mostly just talking about nothing.
but, this is my blog and i am okay with that.

if anyone cares to be my pen pal, hallah at me. we can make it happen.

peace n' blessins'.

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Morgan said...

Writing about nothing is the most therapeutic thing ever.

Good stuff.