all of my high school life, i was dying to get out and move on with things and to have my freedom.
and while all this freedom is nice, i honestly have never felt this alone.
i have friends here and family, but i miss MY family back in Pleasant Grove.
i miss my cute grandma and grandpa and my cat.
i miss having food made for me. sounds so lazy, but i can't really cook too well.
i miss my cat....A LOT.
i miss my bed.
i miss my friends.
i miss my grandpas kind words to me.
and i miss my grandmas sense of humor.

i really am having fun but at night time when i can be alone with my thoughts, i think of how far away i am from them and how i really do miss what i had at HOME.
things will get better and eventually i will call this my home.
but for now, i am just a scared 18 year old who is not as tough as she thought she could be.


Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

God, I know that feeling. Growing up sucks, take that from a thirty mumble year old. I guess that's why I decided not to do it :D

Max Atwood said...