loud mouth.

today i learned the true meaning of friendships.
i also learned that sometimes sugar coating the truth doesn't work so well.
i've also found out that it does.

sometimes, my loud mouth gets me into trouble. and this has been the case lately.
i've messed things up.
i've tried to mend them but my big mouth wouldn't shut up so i got annoying, making the situation worse.

you can never win when you have a big loud mouth.
mine happens to be running all the time and this tends to get me into trouble. i am sorry about that sometimes, but other times i am not. because it really makes me who i am.
people that don't know me would think that i am such a bihh because i say what i think.
(if you don't know me and we happen to meet one day, remember this)
anyways..where was i going with this? who knows.
all i know is that having a loud mouth is hard sometimes.
other times it is good because you can be honest and people respect that.
other times they are just out to get you because you are rude.

you can never win.

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glitter girl. said...

but you can move down to ephraim and plan on partying with caitlin for the next year. yeah? yeah, you can do that. i love you cuzzz.